Hong Kong – English and other relative knowledge

“Hong Kong English” is the English language, which is used in Hong Kong. The variant is either a learner interlanguage or emergent variant, primarily a result of Hong Kong’s British overseas territory history and the influence of native Cantonese speakers. English is one of the official languages in Hong Kong, and is used widely in the Government, academic circles, business and the courts. English is what distinguished most people from the different classes in the society. English were considered the elite, meaning those able to be taught and speak English were considered upperclassmen.

The current state of the Hong Kong English is that it is percent, but under the debate of how relevant, it is. Because it is so distant from the original English, we in the western culture know it as.

There are a lot of author in Hong Kong, but not so many have reached the international market. Aw few of those who have made it, are author which have an foreign background. Lulu the Hong Kong Cat by Ellen WY Leou are one of the most know book within the Hong Kong book culture. It is one of their favourite children’s books set in Hong Kong about a cat named Lulu, who escapes the apartment and goes on an adventure. The book is out of print on Amazon, but it can be found if you contact the author at her personal website, she’s happy to help you find a copy.

Huawei have had a lot of media coverage where they have been accused of gathering information from users of the phone. Donald Trump have claimed China for spying on the western culture through the international known phone, Huawei. And this comes with sanctions. Microsoft have pulled away Huawei’s computers from its stores and they will not have the same right from google as before. These are huge parts of a well-functioning brand.  In 2018 the brand made 50 billion, so the brand may see a decrease of gross income throughout 2019.

Brick Lane

The film Brick Lane is a story about multicultural societies. In this instance, we can find the main character as a woman called Nasneen. She got married to a man that lives in London, as 17. She is now in a multicultural society. In societies, we have many people with different background, even if they are from the same country, they may have different stories that have effected them as a person. Nasneen is put in a situation where it is already roughly predetermined what roles she is supposed to do in society. This can be hard to understand for people with a more social equality evolved society. This can often lead to miss confusion and misunderstanding of each other’s when two people with different expectations to each other meet each other and try to socialise.  We can see Nasneen have for a long time supressed her feelings to fulfil her role as a woman, in the eyes of her predetermined destiny. When she meets the local man, which delivers fabric for the jeans she is making. She evolves feelings for him and even though she is married. This may be the result of her not having feelings for her current husband. The man she met is clearly integrated into the British country by the way he talks in slang and does not have the same values as the Nasneen.

Girl Rising


All of these stories made a great impression, but I think Sumas story was the one, which made the greatest impression. Though her brothers go to school, Suma is forced into bonded labor at age 6. The Nepali girl endures years of gruelling work by expressing her sorrow in music and lyrics. Suma glimpses a different future by learning to read, the first step on the road to freedom. From a young age where you are, supposed to lay your foundation for your future. Both education and you psychology. All this is taken away. She has no consistency and her future is unsure. Her story is the ultimate test of your resilience.  This is a case of a girl, which has a strong mental health and a great resilience, but what will happened if someone do not have her mentality? This question most defiantly have a lot of grey number. But there is slim to none bright end of the stories for these, girls which go through these hardships.

“One girl with courage is a revolution” is a phrase that can have several meanings. One is the fact that woman have for a long time been oppressed. Luckily, many communities and countries have evolved and women’s right are becoming more and more present. However, a human’s courage will be heavily oppressed, if some of your human rights are violated or stomped upon. Often it does not take more than one girl in a community to raise her voice, before more stand up. If people see people like Suma, or the other girls, do not be afraid to speak up! 10 voices can do a lot for one girl, which is standing all by herself.

It is hard to empathize because we live in a society, which is very different to many of these girls. Empathizing for their feelings these girl feel and go through is therefore quite hard. We can only imagine. What we can do is knowing what is right, and what is wrong. This is enough basis to act for another woman or human’s right to be a free human.

I think the message of “Girl Rising” is putting a face on an addressed problem in many parts of the world. However, the problem is that people lack knowledge to feel like doing something. By putting a face on the problems with these girls, we will feel a lot more connection to some problems that occurs around the world.

Before the flood school task

We have from the early days influenced each other with our personal issues, opinions and standpoints. As technology and knowledge have evolved, our opinions have changed and our ways of influencing each other have changed. Some are more effective than other is, and we haft to adapt to this. Most people know that the climate on this earth is rapidly changing, and it will continue to do so if we do not do anything about it. And this is what Leonardo di Caprio have done by making the documentary “Before the flood”.

Our technology today have come to the point where it can both build and destroy our planet. It all depend on how we use it. In this instance, we have technology and machines that can cut down large forests in the matter weeks. Cars and planes that can easily take us to the other side of the planet in just a couple of hours. But with all this, there is consequences. We have pollution from cars, and species that goes instinct. And for what? Economy, efficiency or expansion?

We haft to really understand what our consumption of nature really leads to. And by this we need people informing about the “crisis” before it is too late. By informing, we haft to adapt to how the social society is today and reach out to the ones that can really do something about the problem. By this, it mean using social media, movies, and other public publicity. We also haft to address the fact that the point of reaching a crisis point is actually dangerous close, and this will happened in their lifetime if the current evolution continue. This will amplify the feeling of wanting to change the current path we have started. But making videos and movies is not as easy as it seems. We haft to find the perfect balance between the introductions of the problem, maybe scare some people of what this problem may cause, but most importantly state the fact that there is a solution to a quite chaotic situation.

The film “Before the flood” by Leonardo Di Caprio is a perfect example by this. It introduces the problem, and creates a good overview of the natural crises we encounter around the world. Throughout the movie, he manages to state through others opinions the fact that this is just a potential crisis, but it is still possible to do something about it. We also have movies that describes total destruction. For instance we have “The book of Eli”, that takes place in a post apolocyptic scene where water is in low quantity and valued very high. The main story was about a valuable book, but the scenes describes very well the possibility of losing the state power when a society turn into an anarchy. All this because of the people in the past did not take care of the earth.

Most people don’t understand the problems we will create for ourselves if we don’t take action. Small steps is the key. Slowly and steadily changing the way we live. If we have a whole earth that takes action in the small stuff like throwing garbage in the right containers instead of throwing it in the nature. We will eventually end up in a more stable earth and ecosystem.


Gender Equality


Creating a total equality is a very hard task to fulfil. What we can do, is creating societies with the most equal right from the current standpoint. If there is a current task that demands a more physical task, the right thing to do is putting someone who is most suitable for the task at the given time. Independent of just the fact of what gender you are. And the fact that in 18 countries, husbands can within the legal jurisdiction deny their wife to not work is very wrong. This takes another turn then the surtemstances that may appear when we should decide whether a woman or man is most suitable for a task. Some educations and works are more suitable for men for example. Such as military service. Men have more testosterone, which potentially can lead to a bigger physical potential.  This is a absolute necessity to finish the work task, the physical demands are so high that most woman don’t even have the capacity to do so. But there are some that can tread the needle, and this means that they should have the right to try out for selection. This is what gender equality is. You have the option but if you get a no, but a good justification is important. And it is here the disagreement is. What is right and what is wrong?


Clean water and sanitation

We all know water is essential for our survival. Actually, 72% of our body is water. Without it, we would be long gone. But how much water should we consume per day to function fully? Well that’s depends, on different occasions. Someone that trains once or more a day should consume more water than someone who is not training. The most important factor is if the sun is beaming down on you all day, then you need a lot of water, because your body sweats away water. On average, you should consume 2 liters water a day. It may seem a lot, but throughout a whole day it will only mean a couple of sips from a water bottle each day.

I think a country with clean water is a essential foundation to building a “healthy” country or society. With water, we can fertilise crops, avoid health issues, keep efficacy on building projects and the most important having a good sanitation.

Having accesebility to clean water is something many people take for granted. But many countries haft to walk miles carrying around heavy canisters of uncleaned water, that they picked up from a river or a lake. In addition, when they come home they haft to boil the water to kill most of the germs and parasites located in the uncleaned water. This is a much more painful experience than turning the water tap.

The countries or regions of the world that don’t have water accessibility is most likely affected by poverty. Africa is the most affected by this, some Asian countries and few South American regions. These countries have gotten a lot of support from foreign countries. From the wide variety of help, the most sentral are sanitation, medical support and clean water resupplies

The way we can help people is through voulentared workers who are dedicated to making a change. of course this will come to cost from other countries cost. The volentairs are often put into an environment with low budgets and slim to non-recourses to work with. That is why we haft think new, and innovate new ways of moving water, and of course cleaning water so the rest of the healing and independence of the nation can start. Without water the sanitation will be a much longer possess to go through. That is why water should be a number one prioritation.