Clean water and sanitation

We all know water is essential for our survival. Actually, 72% of our body is water. Without it, we would be long gone. But how much water should we consume per day to function fully? Well that’s depends, on different occasions. Someone that trains once or more a day should consume more water than someone who is not training. The most important factor is if the sun is beaming down on you all day, then you need a lot of water, because your body sweats away water. On average, you should consume 2 liters water a day. It may seem a lot, but throughout a whole day it will only mean a couple of sips from a water bottle each day.

I think a country with clean water is a essential foundation to building a “healthy” country or society. With water, we can fertilise crops, avoid health issues, keep efficacy on building projects and the most important having a good sanitation.

Having accesebility to clean water is something many people take for granted. But many countries haft to walk miles carrying around heavy canisters of uncleaned water, that they picked up from a river or a lake. In addition, when they come home they haft to boil the water to kill most of the germs and parasites located in the uncleaned water. This is a much more painful experience than turning the water tap.

The countries or regions of the world that don’t have water accessibility is most likely affected by poverty. Africa is the most affected by this, some Asian countries and few South American regions. These countries have gotten a lot of support from foreign countries. From the wide variety of help, the most sentral are sanitation, medical support and clean water resupplies

The way we can help people is through voulentared workers who are dedicated to making a change. of course this will come to cost from other countries cost. The volentairs are often put into an environment with low budgets and slim to non-recourses to work with. That is why we haft think new, and innovate new ways of moving water, and of course cleaning water so the rest of the healing and independence of the nation can start. Without water the sanitation will be a much longer possess to go through. That is why water should be a number one prioritation.